Builders Signs

Mandatory Signs for Builders

BSA stands for "Building Services Authority", which is a statutory body to regulate the building industry. Established under the Building Services Authority Act 1991, the BSA requires licensed contractors (builders) to comply with a number of industry standards. One of these statutory requirements relates to mandatory signs on building sites.

It is now a legal requirement that builders performing building work valued over $3,300 must hold a BSA licence. And all builders holding a BSA licence are now required to install statutory signage on all building sites.


Low Cost BSA Sign Packages

Pack of 10 600 x 900 BSA Signs from $19 each

Pack of 5 900 x 1200 BSA Signs with Safety Signage from $59 each

BSA Sign Requirements:

  • Signage must be made of weatherproof materials
  • Overall surface area needs to be no less half a metre squared (0.5m2)
  • Letters must be a minimum of 50mm high
  • Include the name under the builder is licensed and their licence number
  • Signs must be exhibited in a prominent position on the building site
  • Signs must be easily readable from the nearest street alignment

How QA meets BSA Regulations:

  • Our signs are made of pvc coreflute
    (an affordable short term signage solution that is 100% waterproof)
  • Our smallest BSA signs are 0.54m squared
    (That is 40mm more surface area than the minimum required)
  • Our template ensures the critical name and licence number are 50mm high
  • We use a high quality printer with high contrast colours to maximize viewing distance


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