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A-Frame Sign

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A-Frame Signs Brisbane | Australia Wide Delivery


A-Frame signs are a popular and affordable signage solution that lasts for years! At QA Signs, we offer A-Frame marketing signs that are portable and durable. Sidewalk A-frame signs have stood the test of time for popularity. And for many small businesses, they are their prime marketing tool.

The reason is that they anchor a business to its location. Telling passersby everything you want them to know; where you are, opening hours, and what you sell. Our metal a-frame signs offer the perfect indoor/outdoor solution for advertising, directing, and informing.

With an abundance of uses, we’ve compiled a list of common uses and functionality to help you determine how our custom a-frame signs will work best for you.


Footpath Signage

One of our most popular uses for A-Frame signs is as an advertising footpath sign. Whether you’re a small business such as a café trying to increase the number of coffees you are selling, or a dentist wanting people to make an appointment at your reception, these signs are perfect for conveying your message. To increase effectiveness, make sure you design your A-Frame sign with eye-catching pictures and copy to draw attention to it. Place the sign where it will get the most attention. Generally, the best place is where heavy foot traffic will increase the visibility of your message. The double-sided nature of a-frame sidewalk signs allows targeted messaging regardless of which direction your potential customers are passing by.


Promotional Use

A-Frame signs are perfect promotional signs for sales, event promotions, and seasonal specials, with the aim of enticing potential customers into your business. The nature of a frame portable signs makes it perfect for pop up shops, or limited-time sales. The idea is to capture the attention of a potential customer. Make sure you incorporate specific and enticing information. Be direct and clear with what you display to maximize the effectiveness of the promotion. Make it easy for your customer and be specific and include information like sale percentages, items, and benefits. If you are placing the A-Frame away from the business entry point include some branding and / or simple directional information (like arrows) to help drive foot traffic towards your business.


Roadside Directional Sign

Communicating clear directions to customers where to park is a great way to make your customers experience dealing with you an enjoyable experience. A-Frame signs are excellent for indicating parking space availability and navigational tips, such as where to turn. The removability of the signs also makes it perfect for temporary directions at events, and construction and road work sites. If you are using the a-frame directional signs at night it can be advantages to use reflective decals to add greater visibility at night.

Restaurants / Cafes

A fantastic way to display your Menus and Specials is by using a A-Frame Sign. When displaying the sign outside a restaurant or café, keep it simple and focus on a few (or even just one!) popular or unique menu items that will entice a potential customer. If the A-Frame sign is too busy, and too many items are listed the passerby may be too overwhelmed with the messaging, and may not pay any attention to the sign. As mentioned earlier, sales and promotions are a great way to draw attention, and it works well for restaurants and cafes!


Event Management

A-Frame signs are a must for event management. They are a brilliant tool for crowd communication, which is vital for an event to run smoothly. You can use A-frame signs at events at the outside to communicate directions needed at the sign-in and registration areas, and also as a great way of directing crowds on where and how to enter the event. Additionally, a-frames are great at events in directing crowds through the event. The A-Frame offers a fast and easy way to bring clear and easy to follow communication to your event.


Specifications | A-Frame Sign Features

Our standard A-frames have many standout features. Including:

     They are Double-sided    

     Full-colour digital prints graphics

     Laminated for protection

     Steel Faces and Frame

     Powdercoated Black Frame

     Carry Handle 

     Quick set up and pack down

     Large A-Frames have wheels


Costs | How much do A-Frames cost?

Use our online price calculator on this page to get an instant quote.  And see how much you can save when you buy in bulk!


The Graphics | High-Quality Media and Lamination

QA Signs is a Certified Avery Converter. So you can be sure of a quality finish. We only use quality Avery Dennison materials.

Media - Avery Dennison MPI 2105 Easy Apply RS Download Data Sheet PDF

Lamination - Avery Dennison DOL 2000 Gloss Download Data Sheet PDF


A-Frames | The Sign with many names

A-frames have been around long enough to have various names. Some people know them as:

      A-frame advertising boards


     Display boards

     Pavement signs

     A-frame board, or

     Sandwich boards

Whatever name you like to call them QA Signs makes them!