Pylon Sign Refurbishment

Pylon Sign Refurbishment by QA Signs

Pylon Sign Refurbishment

The photo is the results of a pylon sign refurbishment project we recently finished. Our scope of works was to take an old and tired looking pylon sign and modernised it.

If you are looking at doing a project like this yourself, we have outlined a few helpful tips below. These tips will help you get started on the design process.

Below is a image comparison of the refurbished pylon sign new illuminated lightbox signs. Simply slide the divider to see the refurbished sign on the left, and what the old sign looked like on the right. 

Followed by three tips that we use as a guideline when we start a refurbishment project.  

Pylon Sign Refurbishment by QA SignsOld Pylon Sign

Documentation for a Pylon Sign Refurbishment

Firstly, try and find the existing documents related to the structure of the sign.

Really helpful documents are the Form 15, Form 16, and the associated engineering drawings of the pylon sign.

If you don’t have these documents available you can try to access them from the local council (where the sign is located). A sign of this size usually has an associated sign licence and most often these documents are submitted when applying for the licence.

A great place to start for Brisbane based business is the Brisbane City Council business hotline. Their phone number is 133 BNE (133 263).

Preliminary designs for Pylon Signage

Secondly, start some preliminary designs focusing on what you would like the refreshed pylon sign to look like.

The best way to do this is use the main structure of the pylon sign as your guide. You don’t want to design the sign to have features that sit to far outside of the signs structure. The main reason is the structural engineer may have apprehensions about the signs structural integrity, especially if you are unable to locate the Form 15, Form 16, and the associated engineering drawings of the pylon sign.

Structural engineer for Pylon Signs

Thirdly, you will need a structural engineer to inspect the existing structure. This is to make sure the sign structure is in a good condition and suitable for the refurbishment works.

An engineer will always ask if the above documents are available, as it assists them in their assessment. They will also ask what new works you are planning to do on the existing structure (your preliminary designs).

Following the three steps above is the best way to start the design process of a Pylon Sign Refurbishment project like this.

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