A-Frame Chalk Board

Our A-Frame Black Boards have been laminated with purpose designed lamination ideal to use chalk pens on. It is not designed to use with normal chalk. Chalk pens come in a range of colours and thicknesses. If using the A-frames outside you will need to check that the chalk pens you are using are water resistant.

The sizes on the website are the sizes of the graphic panels. The A-Frames are slightly taller as they have legs at the bottom of the frame.

A small A-frame (600mm x 600mm) weighs 7 kgs

A standard A-frame (900mm x 600mm) weighs 7.7kgs

A large A-frame 900mm x 1200mm) weighs 16.9kgs

Yes, our A-Frame sign range that includes Standard, Chalk Board, Corflute and White Boards are suitable for outdoors.

However, A-Frame Snap frames are for indoor use only.

Please note we do recommend that you should take the A-Frame indoors on a windy day as they may be blown over.

Yes, you can have a different design on each side of the A-frame. A double-sided sign with different artwork on the front and back is considered one design.

We use double sided tape to fix the panels in place before riveting the panels to the frame. We find the face panels are securely anchored to the frame using this method.

Our metal-faced A-frame features powder-coated steel panels. The graphics are mounted onto the faces with a digitally printed high-quality media and lamination.

The printable area of an A-frame is the size stated in our instant calculator on this page.

For a small A-frame, the printable area is 600mm x 600mm

For a standard A-frame, the printable area is 900mm x 600mm

For a large A-frame, the printable area is 900mm x 1200mm